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    I like the Krussel cases b/c they're skin tight and fit fine in my pocket. Not the best for shock protection if you drop it though...
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    It's a different case for the 650 (vs. available cases for the 600) Palm1 has one for the 650 on their site, for the 650 preorders. It looks nice!
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    I ordered a Treo 650 OEM Form-Fit case from dans_cellular_accessories on eBay a few days ago. $9.99 with Buy-It-Now. Should have it sometime this week (I hope). I will be getting my 650 the first week in Jan so I won't know how it fits till then.
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    Does the sprint treo i preordered come with a slip case?
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    The case that came with the 600 was not much of a case. It was a slip case but has no way to put it on your belt. I imagine the 650 case will be the same. I really like the Krusell case. It gives good protection, has a belt clip and provides a plastic overlay for the keyboard which IMO makes using the keyboard easier. I hope my 600 Krusell will fit the 650. If not, I hope they come out with one for the 650 soon.
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    I just got my case for the Treo 650 today from eBay. It's the same one that's on the P1 website. The entire front is covered (probably a good thing) and there is a flap on the back that folds down to access the camera lens. OK, Sprint, bring it on. I'm ready.
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    I have to admit I looked and looked at that Vaja case. It's incredible design, but at $122 with shipping at the cheapest, I just can't justify that. I'd rather buy a covertec case for the treo 600 and try to fit it. Then if it doesn't work, buy another when they come out with a 650 one. It's still only HALF the vaja price. I understand the business model Vaja uses, but I will wait till the T65 hits their on-sale page...
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    I really like the Covertec pouch, protects the Treo well, and allows easy access....

    Also, the Covertec pouch for the 600 works just fine for the 650 (this has been verified by a TC Moderator).
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    any suggestions for a case that works well with a cradle. Plan on keeping my 650 in a cradle at work. So which case is best. you have any opinions on the necessity of cradles vs. cables?

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    I have been very please with my Nutshell case (had one for my T300 as well). They have exceptional customer service and fits tight with or without belt clip. Heavy fine leather gives quite good shock protection.

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    The standard iPod case makes a nice belt holder for the Treo.
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    I infinitely agree with Will about Nutshell cases. I will be buying one for my 650 (even though the price has gone up since I bought my last case two years ago).
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    This has the clear plastic covering over the keyboard and screen which keeps the device in immaculate condition under all usage scenarios. A pleasant surprise I discovered with this case is that when I leave the belt clip attached and turned 90 degrees perpendicular to the unit, it makes and excellent desktop pedestal stand for usage and viewing the device at a 45 degree angle. I often use my Treo hands free with the headset while doing business on my laptop PC. This convenient 45 degree angled desktop Treo display pedestal while still in the case serves as a handy little companion satellite PC to easily reference along side of my laptop even when cabled to the USB port for charging and synching. I don't find typing through the additional clear cover difficult at all and it actually has developed my touch better.

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    I also like the form fit case that palmone sells for the 600; HOWEVER, I'm probably going to go for a flip-lid case for my 650 for two reasons:
    1. With 4 times the resolution, I suspect that the plastic front will be too blurry. It's sufficient for the 600 but blurriness on mine is noticeable.
    2. With bluetooth headsets that show caller ID, there won't be any need to hold the phone to my head so it might as well be well and safely covered when stored and totally free and accessible when in use.

    So those are my thoughts - any feedback or suggestions?
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    Though cases will keep your device clean and scratch free, etc. It seems like the biggest motivating factor in selection lies in the area of protection against droppage. I have long had this debate with myself over a "keep the device in the case to use" design vs. a "remove the device from the case to use" design. The latter holster type cases usually are better protection against the worst disasters IF your device is in the case when disaster strikes. My reasoning in favor of the "use in the case" design is based upon my assumptions about the relative probability of an accident over time. If you always have to remove your device from the case in order to use it naked then the device is exposed to far greater risk of damage when you eventually drop it somehow. While some cases enhance the gripping features that can reduce the likeliness of drops, I still regard the probability of drops to be somewhat of a statistically constant variable among all cautious users. (Unless one is extremely careless and reckless) Everyone's usage patterns will vary but I am just playing the odds against the inevitable. It really comes down to the ergonomics of one's usage preference and then playing these odds accordingly with what you can afford for replacement. The relative hassle factor vs. convenience of use when keeping your device all bundled up in a case against fear of damage is a trade off we all need to weigh as one of the joys of using these toys.

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    Tried them all.

    Go Covertec or the Silicon sleeve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Tried them all.

    Go Covertec or the Silicon sleeve.
    The silicon looks like would get in the way of the keyboard. Is it soft enough so that users won't accidentally type 2 or more keys at once? If it's usability is high, The silicon sleeve may be the winner for me.
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    I never used a case for 300, and I never used one for my 600. I just tuck it in my front pants pocket, and it still looks fine after over a year now.

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