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    Hey all... Long time lurker, first post.

    Thinking of going to the Dallas roadshow tomorrow. They have shut off online registraion for Dallas. The website mentions registering in person. I assume it is still free to register in person, can anyone confirm this?

    Also can someone confirm that the cupon is available to in-person registrants also. I am hoping it isn't just for people that "pre-registered"

    Thanks for any answers.
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    I did "on site" registration for Long Beach. No problem. I got there 1 hour early just to make sure, but had I shown up 10 minutes early it would not have been a problem as it turned out.

    That said, Long Beach did not reach the capacity of the room. Some other events may fill up, especially now due to the coverage of these events on boards like this as well as buzz over the 650 post official relaease dates.

    I did get a coupon upon leaving along with a CD rom with information covering the presentation. They check ID when registering, and you fill out a survey at the end and turn it in.

    I thought the time was well spent, informative, and I enjoyed talking to the third party reps. I learned a lot about how the devices can be secured and safely utilized in an enterprise.
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    if you attend both the morning and afternoon sessions could you get two coupons?
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