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    Does anyone know if my PSP will follow my Treo 600 if I sell it on eBay? I've had the 600 since June, but am thinking of getting the 650 when it comes out. I have noticed that BB may have limited the benefits of the PSP, but wanted to see if anyone has had an experience of it following the phone anyway.

    Thanks in advance.
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    it is nontransferable to the best of my knowledge.
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    yes it has always been non transferable.
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    Is it different for phone? I just sold my Toshiba lap top on ebay and transferred the PSP. I even went in and checked first. You can go in and switch the name it's under.
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    im pretty sure its only for mobile phone PSPs as far as i can tell and maybe a few other similar consumer devices with short product cycles and higher chance of defect.
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    I work at Best Buy and their PSP is transferable. What's up with the best lie???
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    click on the icon to find out my problem with Best Lie as well as problems of other Treocentral members and thousands of others around the country.
    You should pay special attention the the employee complaints since that may be relevant to you at some point down the road.

    Anyway let me know which one you work at so i can ask them why your store transfers but mine didn't.
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    unless it has recently changed (possible) they are transferable. if you open the card that they gave u with the receipt there is a bloack to fill out the information for the person u are transfering to. just fill this out. this has always been an important selling point. in addition, don't go to the store for info. the best info is at the 800 number on your psp brochure. btw, I did this when I sold my 300.
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    The PSP at Future Shop Canada (which was bought by Best Buy a couple of years back) is transferrable... the salespeople always say "it adds to the value of the item if you choose to sell it".

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