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    Has anyone tried a spell checking program with Chatter Email?
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    i use lexspell.. works great.. i set it to run when with "menu - ."
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    Good to well does it work w/Chatter? I just saw the following somewhat related sidebar story in my e-mail box today. Warning: Goodlink spoiler alert!

    "This email is to inform you of the newest release of the LexSpell
    spelling checker for Palm, now with support for GoodLink's email client!

    LexSpell was the first spelling checker available for the Palm
    platform that allowed to proof text in email and word processing applications
    natively lacking such functionality.

    Its success lead to the licensing of its core technology by DataViz
    for integration in the high-end version of Documents ToGo.

    The newly released LexSpell 1.7 is the first to answer the demand -
    mainly from corporate and individual Treo users - for proofing services
    in the popular GoodLink email client for Palm.

    For more details, trial downloads and purchasing please go"
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    Just downloaded a demo of LexSpell and it's working well so far.

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