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    i bought ptunes delux but i still can't get WMA files to work??? why is that?
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    Most likely you are trying to play DRM protected WMA files, like those purchased online. We don't currently support those, but soon will. Watch for Pocket Tunes release 3.1, due out this fall.

    As a temporary work-around, you can burn the files to a CD, then "rip" them back to WMA format to strip the DRM code. We have instructions available online at

    If you ripped these files from CD with Windows Media Player, you need to rip them again, but before you do, open Media Player, go to the Tools Menu, select "Options", go to the "Copy Music" tab and deselect the "copy protect music" option. In Media Player 10, the tab is called "Rip music".

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    if you get cake walk pyro you can convert them to mp3 or wav or wma and never really had a problem with the DRM protected. always buy music from real networks and then i convert them to mp3 or wma and no problems here.
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    thanks everyone for your input

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