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    It's probably far fetched but is there any program for the palm the could speak the text of an adobe file or email. I am in my car a lot and would love to have this feature to read some adobe files, etc.
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    Not far fetched, my Treo speaks email once in a while while I'm driving.

    Download the newest version of pSpeak, part of the Mapopolis Beta, and Speak (free). Speak will let you use pSpeak with text in the clipboard.

    I personally use SnapperMail which has a quick way of copying all text by pressing 's' then 'c'. This is "Select All" and "Copy" without pressing the menu button. Then I launch Speak using Butler to open the command bar by holding the menu button, then tap the Speak icon (currently a second paste icon). So basically I open an email, press 's', 'c', hold menu, tap icon.

    I don't know about Adobe files but if you can copy the text then Speak can pSpeak it.
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