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    I just purchased the Piel Frama case from StylusCentral because I wanted a flip case that could lock into a horizontal position. My old flip case had a tendancy to pop off the clip without my realizing it when I was sitting down & forgot to swivel the case to the horizontal position. Several posts to this forum, as well as an email response directly from Piel Frama confirmed that their case does not only swivel but could be locked into place in multiple positions.

    However, upon receiving my new Piel Frama case today, I was disappointed to discover that it does not appear to be able to lock into any position at all. It is just like my old case - swivels only, but doesnt lock.

    I also noticed that the button on my case does not look like the one in the picture on Piel Frama's web site. It has no ridges, and is a black, smooth circle with a slit across its diameter. The tool for removing the button, instead of fitting around the button like in the picture on the web site, now simply serves as a screwdriver which fits into the slit on the button to tighten or loosen it.

    So it appears that Piel Frama changed the design of their button & it no longer locks, which makes this case useless to me. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    Mine never locked

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    Neither did mine.. I ended up returning it, but it was a rather good quality case.
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    I bought mine back in Dec. and the metal knob was round and not "rivot-like" like the pic on the website. I contacted the people at styluscentral about the issue and the csr told me they were waiting for those to come in from Piel Frama and as soon as they did come in, I would get an email from them... ten months later... no email... take it for whatever it's worth.

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    I emailed Piel Frama yesterday about a clip that can lock in a horizontal position. This morning when I logged in I received the following reply (I like fast service!):

    "Regarding your question, we have to communicate you that our cases for Treo 600 do have installed a belt clip which does not allow the case to stay in the horizontal position. However, we could insert a different knob to install a belt clip which allows the case to stay in the horizontal position.

    You would only have to specify when placing your order that you want the case with a star shaped knob and it corresponding belt clip. You can specify it in the part of the form where it says "Comments" so that we will not forget about it before sending the case."

    So they can provide it, but you have to specifically ask for it.
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    I received my Piel Frama case on September 28. Just six weeks later I'm about to purchase a Covertec horizontal and some egrips.

    There are two problems with the star knob:
    1) The knob is not positioned at the CG of the Treo in the case. This means the unit, if put in a horizontal position, tends to rotate the clip on your belt. So what was horizontal isn't quite horizontal anymore unless you move the case up another click. But the clip is now angled on your belt and isn't as comfortable. This is a small annoyance that I quickly got used to.

    2) The second, major problem is that the knob is metal and clip is plastic. In six weeks of constant use I have worn a groove in the clip so that the unit no longer stays horizontal. I can clip it in a horizontal position, but after two steps it swings down into a 45 degree angle. I frequently find it hanging straight down.

    Problem 1 accelerates Problem 2, but until Piel Frama fixes both problems I'd go with the Covertec horizontal.
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    Yesterday I emailed Piel Frama about the locking clip failure I've experienced.
    Today I got a reply thanking me for my email and stating that they are aware of the problem. They are currently looking for a better clip.

    In the meantime they're sending me a couple of brand new clips free! This has been my experience with Piel Frama from day one: prompt response and great service.

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