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    I've been having a harder and harder time getting my Treo to unlock when using the center button. Sometimes it works, more and more it doesn't. I press away until it unlocks, but this is now taking 20-30 presses. When it does finally unlock, the rest of the D-pad typically doesn't work. Hard or soft resets don't seem to change the behavior suggesting to me that it's a hardware issue.
    Since I have an ATT phone that I unlocked to use other sims, returning it under warranty would be a problem right? If not, can anyone offer advice on putting everything back to its original state. (Now, for example, it shows a bogus serial number that won't fool Hanspring for a second.) TIA.
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    hey i have the same problem. the center button is sticky. you really have to press it hard for it to register. i'm going to sprint today to have them look at it. it's only been 80 days.
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    I doubt they would look at the phone info if they were willing to replace it because of the button being stuck. You could reset everything to normal by updating the firmware using the official AT&T firmware 3.06 if you were concerned about that. Or you could just use Tokenwriter to reset those values as necessary without changing the firmware:
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