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    why if I have a 727 area code as my cell number would att give me a 407 area code for my voice mail?

    my old tmda phone had the same cell # as v/m number. this means if I called from a land line I would pay long distance fee to get me LOCAL cell number messages.

    they said that is the why it is. is this true or are they full of crap ?

    its going back (one week left in 30 day demo) if its true.
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    erm, should be either another local area code but usually it is the same. Call att.
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    co-worker told me to just call my cell number from a regular phone line then press * while the recorded message plays and bingo 'you've got mail....well voice mail that is (may not have any messages but at least u can check it).

    does anyone know why att would be sending a treo 600 user to a 407 area code for voice mail system? the support line seemed to think it was because I was now on a gms phone instead of tmda (digital).

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