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    I got a Treo 600 from Verizon a couple of weeks ago, and have started experiencing some pretty strange behavior on my Treo. I have Verizon's unlimited data plan, and need to go in and out of Blazer, but unfortunately Blazer automatically disconnects whenever I exit. Apparently in Blazer 2.0 there used to be an option to disconnect (or not) on exit, but that option seems to be gone. Is there any way to keep connected to the network even after exiting Blazer? (My idea is to have Treo600 Connection Manager disconnect me instead, after an idle period.)

    Now here's the odd part: The Blazer disconnects have led me to discover a very strange behavior on my Treo. After ANY network disconnect (Blazer-caused or not), certain actions cause the Treo to run Phone Lookup even when it's not appropriate. For example, after a disconnect, if I do the following:

    1. Open Memo Pad
    2. Click on "New" button

    I end up in the Phone application! I know it's trying to do a lookup, because I then installed PhoneMagic, which has the ability to replace the native Phone Lookup function with its own, and under these same conditions PhoneMagic comes up instead of the native Phone app. Uninstall PhoneMagic and it's back to the original problem.

    Needless to say, I don't want the Phone Lookup screen coming up at unusual times, but this happens a lot. It seems that certain actions trigger it (replying to mail in VersaMail, opening Zagat Guide, getting preferences in LightWav) but others don't. And the behavior is consistent - it only happens once after disconnecting from the network, but once you go back to the application it works fine.

    Can anyone shed some light on this very puzzling behavior?

    Thanks very much,
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    I just found out the following: Going into the System Preferences -> Network and connecting to Verizon from there, then exiting Preferences, also drops the network connection. What's going on here??

    Please..... help me.......
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    Can you try to uninstall the last software you've added?
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    Hi... thanks for that suggestion...trouble is this behavior's been going in a while and I'm sure what may have caused it. My next step is a hard reset. Gonna be a long night.
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    OK, after hours of testing, I figured out that the problem was with PhoneMagic. A hard reset fixed the network disconnect problem, but the Phone Lookup was still being launched as described. I removed PhoneMagic and the Phone Lookup problem went away. Hey PhoneMagic guys, anything you can do to fix that?

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    I just found this myself, after doing a Send/Receive with auto-disco in Snappermail, I'd end up in PhoneMagic.

    I've since gotten rid of PhoneMagic and when I disco from the net, I stay in the same program.
    everything was beautiful and nobody hurt.

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