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    I am fast losing my mind and my sense of humour.

    I have tried the radio reset which was suggested in one of the threads but that did not work. After about two and a half hours I got a "fatal alert" and I guess that means it didnt work properly or was that an expected alert just before the battery finally died?

    I have had the phone for about 15 months and it always had me a little worried as it was a bit dodgy from the get go. I had to recalibrate the screen on a daily basis and most days more than once.

    Often it would appear to be doing something and I couldnt get it to do anything by tapping on the screen. I would leave it for a few hours and it would generally come back on its own. Obviously when I needed something like an email address or contact number urgently it would be very inconvenient but generally I would be able to make a call by using the keypad.

    Now it doesnt connect to the network ("Network search") at all and is quite useless.

    Am I to buy another phone after 15 months because the 12 month warranty has expired? I assume the cost to fix whatever the problem is would be uneconomical?

    Does anybody have any ideas? I'll try anything because it is about to go out the window anyway.
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    If your hard reset your Treo (please backup first), does it still have the same problems?
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    who is your provider? If it is tmobile call them up and ask for a handset replacement. As long as there is no physical damage to your unit you can get a replacement. Try that. Worked for me when the Radio Reset would not fix my old 270.

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    Ican help u If u r in China
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    My husband's 270 was having similar issues. The radio reset seemed to do the job though.
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    Best to call Treo Central or your service provider and "forget" when you bought it. This worked with T-Mobile who sent replacement and did not charge me the $70 replacement fee. Am now awaiting my second replacement and hope that it also is free. If not, going up to the Treo 600.

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    if you install the radio reset, make sure that there is no data in your t270, do a hard reset (but hotsync first to have a backup copy)
    then install the radio reset, try to drain the battery while it is still searching for network. charge it back then synchronize back your data.
    for the fatal alert it might be that you have a corrupted software, to get rid of this you have to rename the backup folder under your username which is under the handspring folder. then do a hard reset.
    in this way you can't synchronize your third party softwares just your data. if you want to install the softwarres, open the renamed folder and install them one by one to see what is the corrupted one...

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