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    Anyone have one from a dead Treo 600 or know where I could buy a replacement?

    Dennis G. Esler
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    if you have a sprint phone, try your local sprint store. i know of someone that got the rubber piece from them
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    I should have mentioned that.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    i would try them also
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    You can call palmone and they will send you one. I did this and got it in about four days they were very nice.
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    Could you say who to call or number? I have a Sprint Treo and when you try to call Palmone you get dumped into Sprint support, who says they can't get the parts
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    This might not be of any use to you because I'm in the UK, but I lost the same plug and emailed palmOne support from the web site. They sent me the number of their UK repair centre who put one in the post. You might try the support site route. Sounds like P1 US is just like P1 europe and have done everything possible to avoid having someone actually talk to you on the phone. Pretty ironic for a phone manufacturer

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