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  • 32MB if fine for me

    14 11.67%
  • 64MB

    38 31.67%
  • 128MB

    44 36.67%
  • 512MB

    13 10.83%
  • 1Gb or higher

    11 9.17%
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    I know I need more than 32MB of RAM. How about you?

    SD cards are great, but I've got some things that won't run on an SD card and I would like to be able to run some things without the need to keep swapping SD cards.

    There is another thread about this, but I wanted to make a poll so we could get a picture of the overall view.

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    I hope PalmOne is reading this poll.

    Maybe they can do something to add more memory to the Treo Ace before release.

    That would best serve customers and be a nice surprise .
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    A $600 dollar device should have more than 32 MBs of Ram!!
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    Well, everyone would want 1GB I would assume. Your poll should have some extra cost associated with it, otherwise why not choose 1GB? So, something like this makes more sense to me:

    32MB (standard)
    64MB (+$20)
    128MB (+$35)
    512MB (+$100)
    1GB ($175)

    Not sure about the numbers, just something off the top of my head. All the same, I'll take 1GB
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    I like the idea with the poll with numbers, though I 'd make it +50 for the 128MB version, because I think that would be more accurate. My thought on this is that I think I can get by with 64MB of on board memory, but that goes up if I get a GPS device. Ideally, I'd like to see SD memory just as usable as the on board stuff. Everything can run everywhere.
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    The more RAM I'll have, the more I'll be happy...
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    512MB would be great
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    I don't think RAM is going to be very important anymore. There is software available that lets you use space on your SD card for RAM. See this thread here andthis article here. So it's a perfectly reasonable place for P1 to cut a corner.

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    MSMount still does not fix the Mapopolis issue which seems to be the most memory hungry app that doesn't work on a SD card. If I can get any and every app working on a SD card, I'd have no issue with the internal memory size.

    Not modifying the form factor would have been a nice corner to cut (and cheaper for us with cases) but I haven't used it yet to tell if it really makes life easier.
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    Regarding prices in the poll, any associated prices would have been only a guess. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and if people responding to the poll don't understand that then I can't help them and don't have time to try . The additional cost is a given. One I've got no problem with.

    I don't think Apple sells all those iPods by saying "let's just add a storage slot and allow people to add what they want". Instead they made several versions, and each has a different amount of memory on board. An expansion slot would be nice, but like the iPod the Treo should have more than enough space already. As has been mentioned, not everything works with those applications that try to make SD Cards look like internal RAM. It is ridiculous that in 2004 the next generation of a device is even estimated to have the exact same amount of space as it did last year. Even if they upped the space to 64MB I'm sure they could make it work for everyone in terms of price and design. The Treo is supposed to be a convergence device. How can you go from a Tungsten C (64MB RAM) down to something with less capacity? Most of the PalmOne line is only 32MB. What if PC makers stopped at about 10GB disk space? How silly! The idea is to continue growth although other expansion options are available.

    Bottom line, this is a mistake! And it is unfortunate that the Treo does not have a suitable competitor to press PalmOne to do better than a shabby 32MB!!!
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    I actually think that cost is not the driving factor in P1's choice of 32MB for the Ace. If you look at machines with higher memory, like the T3 (not sure about the Zodiac), the complaints you hear are about battery life. I think that the constant drain on the battery for the extra RAM does make its presence felt over the lifetime of a charge. No doubt lower battery life would cause considerably more complaints than low RAM.

    I also do not buy into the idea that your SD card is equivalent to having extra RAM. When you do this, you end up being shackled to a single card which contains many of your critical apps. That one card tends to remain in the slot. I used to have to do this when I owned a 16MB Tungsten|T. When I moved to the 64MB Tungsten|T3, what a difference! Now, I have several cards and they can be swapped anytime with little impact to the set of applications that are available to me. One card has music, another eBooks, another Mapopolis maps, etc. This is the way cards were supposed to be used. Why else would they be removable?
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    If it is a battery life issue, they found a way to increase capacity and battery life in the Treo 600. Remember the Treo 300 (if you had one) only had 16MB of RAM and terrible battery life. So it's time for them to hit the drawing board and make the magic happen again. I have to say I have my doubts about space being a major battery life concern. I don't see a dramatic loss in battery life when using a SD card.

    I think the cause of us not having more than 32MB of RAM is one or a combination of the following:
    • They have some special deal with a supplier of 32MB of RAM. A deal they can't get out of or they feel is too good to let go.
    • A stupid manager said "nobody will ever need more than 32MB of RAM" and has them locked into such a silly thought.
    • It will cause a price increase and they fear less sales and won't try selling a seperate Treo Ace with double the RAM. (again blame it on a dumb manager.)
    • They just don't know any better

    Well if anyone from PalmOne is reading, just see those poll results. I think it says it all.
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    Over the time between the release of the 300 and the 600, no doubt there were some advances in battery technology. However, this is a very difficult science and progress in it has been frustratingly slow, despite the rather large number of research dollars being poured into it -- Just think of all the battery operated devices on the market and the commensurate windfall of profits awaiting anyone who invents a truly revolutionary battery technology. Nature is not giving up its secrets very quickly, no matter how hard we want her to. I think people get used to the incredible advances in chip technology and miniaturization and simply lump in battery technology into the picture, but it really hasn't advanced anywhere near as quickly and we really shouldn't expect it to in the future.

    I think what does happen is that the miniaturization of other components in a device provides more space for a battery in a similar-sized housing. A bigger battery is still the single most effective way to deal with increasing a device's battery life.

    And... BTW... RAM is not the same as an SD card. I don't believe the flash memory technology used in SD cards requires constant power, as does typical RAM.
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    The time between all Treo releases has been about 1 year. So the Treo Ace will be falling right in line with when the Treo 600 was released after the Treo 300.

    I think the task of having more space is more than doable. Just not being done.
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    I don't see why you would need so much memory onboard. I'm almost comfortable with the 32, but 64 would be optimal to add something like mapopolis. I have everything I need except my dictionary (on SD) in the integrated RAM. I think what it is is everyone has to get apps and games they like and can use frequently rather than have everything on there. Give someone more space and they'll figure out some way to fill it. Plus I'm sure more RAM = more power consumption since it's not flash RAM. Lots of things to think about with this issue.
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    palmone should place AT LEAST 64 mb of ram into the treo ace.

    I think this would be a good standard to reach for. 128 would be fantastic but I think it might get into a cost issue.

    as software apps mature it makes sense that they might take up more memory - due to improved graphics and more involved capabilites. it would only make sense to make the minimum 64 mbs.

    I hope they don't make this mistake - this problem could be the future complaint in the next generation treo. let's hope they anticipate this as a problem and change their prototype to include more memory.. it would take them that much closer to THE PERFECT smartphone.
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    RAM is probably the easiest to add but the OS must be able to support the extra memory and as well manage the applications to use the memory efficiently as well. Or else you end up with application swapping in and out of memory making it seems like you have full use of the available memory.
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    LOL, memory is like money. The more you have the more you spend. But more is better of course!
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    LOL, memory is like battery. The more you have the more you spend. But more is lost of course!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickerZ
    I don't see why you would need so much memory onboard.
    Give someone more space and they'll figure out some way to fill it.
    I think you've already answered your own question. Plenty of us have already filled what we have and need more space on board the Treo. And yes the more space they give us the more we will use. The more apps we will buy, the more apps we will use the Treo for. The more we will be able to make the most of the device. The more we will encorage others to get one.

    This worked so well for the desktop computing industry. I could understand if someone questioned this progression without a prior example, but we all have seen the benefits in other forms. It's time for PalmOne to get it together. Or I am sure a competitor will find a way to make it happen. If PalmOne does not do it I really hope a competitor does make it happen and puts PalmOne out of business. Because I don't want to be stuck with a device from a company that does not move forward on all levels. I want something better and darn it I'm willing to pay for that!

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