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    I can't seem to keep a reliable connection on PdaNet - after a variable amount of data is transferred (anywhere from 600k to 1M), the T600 either freezes, or disconnects (says "Hanging up connection" like I'd hit disconnect).

    I'm running on CROW 3.04 and on Win XP
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    Probably your carrier. I've stayed connected to PdaNet for hours at a time.
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    Well, I'm using T-Moile on a Cingular T600... But I suppose it could have been the signal in the area... it seems a bit better here (Southern Mississippi) than it was earlier (Arkansas).
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    My problem is a little different. I can stay on all day, but sometimes some kind of "windows services" error appears. something like "unable to find phone book" and I have to reboot to get it to work.

    If they would fix that problem, I'd dish out even more money for this software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eteq
    Well, I'm using T-Moile on a Cingular T600... But I suppose it could have been the signal in the area... it seems a bit better here (Southern Mississippi) than it was earlier (Arkansas).
    Where in Missisloppy are ya?
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    Near Gulfport - I'll only be here a few days, but so far I've only had it freeze once with ~30 Megs total data transfer, so you're probably right that it was local. What's really annoying is that it freezes the T600 - if it just disconnected I wouldn't care so much...

    Monk - can you find the exact text of that error?
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    I am using WinXP & sprint vision with latest firmware update. I have a purchased, registered copy of PDANet. Hopefully someone can help with the problems I am having:

    My PDANet connection disconnects frequently. This happens most often when I am browsing with internet explorer and the browsing seems very slow (9600 speeds). I generally have a more reliable connection when I use internet download manager or am downloading Antivirus updates. Quite often I can not re-connect and when this happens I look under Network Connections --> Dial Up and the PDANet Modem says "PDANet Modem (customized)" and the original PDANet Modem is gone. This happens so frequently that I have several copies of the original, I delete the customized and rename the copy to "PDANet Modem" and reconnect. Does any one know why this happens and what I can do to fix it?

    2nd issue: since I am having difficult time achieving goos speeds with PDANet, can someone help me with any special internet settings like proxy server, ports, etc?

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    and ... sometimes the "PDANet Modem" dialup connection disappears.

    anyone seen this before?
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    and ... sometimes the "PDANet Modem" dialup connection disappears instead of getting (Customized).

    anyone seen this before?
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    Yes, I am having the problems described below. T-mobile disconnecting me from the internet when using PDANET, modem disappearing requiring reboots, etc. etc.

    It is 2005 and I'm having the same issues.

    --T-mobile/Unlimited Data/T-mobile Treo 600/Latest Palm OS/Latest PDANET

    I'm still in the 14 day trial period. Might as well try another option. This is unacceptable. T-mobile disconnects me when I'm transferring data, but allows me to stay on for an hour if my connection is idle.

    Also, disconnects tend to happen in a concentrated fashion.... I'll reconnect, just to get disconnected shortly every time. Then if I wait a while, or try another time of day, I might enjoy a longer session online with PDANET.

    By the way, I've never been disconnected from browsing the web on the Treo 600 itself. It is only when using PDANET do I get kicked. Something is the matter, and no one can tell me or anyone else having these issues what it is.
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    Hi Adriel, welcome to TreoCentral.

    The problems you're describing are actually common to using both of the two connectivity software for Treo. But particularly about PDANet, to get more information about what is does and what it doesn't, do a search for PDANet, but search only TITLES - this will cut down on the number of threads that come up. You can get more info if you search within posts, but save that for later.

    Just to give you a response to the connection problem, that is supposedly caused by the (lack of) quality of service from T-Mobile. Several threads mention this, and even the junefabric website references this as a cause.

    The other problem is possibly due to the cable, believe-it-or-not. I learned that I had a bad cable (I could no longer sync but could recharge the Treo). I had also had poor connectiviy. I got a new cable and connections were cleaner.

    I think that treo600 learned later was that s/he hadn't read the instruction webpage for how to use PDANet. Doing that, together with reading posts from this site, should get you a better use of the product.
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    Quick question, I'm on Sprint and on my 14 day trial, but my phone lights up every few seconds, can I do something about this? Settings? Thanks....
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