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    I'm looking to use SnapperMail 2.0 in a similar way that I use Sprint's Biz Connection Personal Edition right now.

    I download my POP email down to my Outlook 2003,then Sprints BC syncs up with my Treo and I get the email.

    Can the SnapperMail 2.0 IMAP capability mimic this syncing? If so, what are the settings? Thanks.
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    It could sync with an exchange server, if IMAP is turned on. But it won't sync with the pc outlook client. It's over the internet sync, not over the usb cable sync.
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    Try MailRelayer from
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    Or try Symmetry Pro.

    Its advantage is that it doesn't use SMS, which on TMobile can be as much as 5 cents each. But it, like InBox, needs your office PC to be on and connected to the web at all times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wcarlson40
    Try MailRelayer from

    I'm new to IMAP and couldn't get this configured right. Do you have any tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I'm new to IMAP and couldn't get this configured right. Do you have any tips?

    It's pretty easy to set up. You just need to install it, and then add a username and password (which you make up). You then access your computer by using a IMAP email program on your Palm (like Snappermail beta). For the IMAP4 Server on your palm, you enter your IP address (if you don't have a static IP address, you can set up a Dynamic DNS through several of the options it gives you).

    Snappermail is still a little buggy, so I've also been using to access my email through a web interface (make sure you check IMAP)

    Let me know if you need further help.
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    I got mailrelayer up and running. If you're using a router, you may need to forward port 143 to the local IP of your computer.

    I'm still running into problems. SnapperMail beta only fetches one email, then stops the processing due to a connection closed error (on mailrelayer's side, I think).

    Unfortunately, it doesn't perform the push email that Sprint BC does, which is very cool. I get email on my Treo very shortly after it hits my inbox.

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