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    Any one know of such an app. I would like it to keep track of current exchange rates (preferably the ones I select), and be able to show me where they have been going over a period of time (again, preferably the time period I select). Also, by definition, it needs to be able to update itself, maybe daily (since trying to keep it up with the market would be a pain and a waste of battery and memory.)

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    bcalc does exactly what you want. Works great on the T600.
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    I use Worldmate...awesome app imo!
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    worldmate by mobimate.
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    Can I get WorldMate to update the rates without Hotsync? Looks like a great program, am thinking of giving it a whirl, but need to know if I can use the TMo data stream to keep its info up to date. Have to love the OAG feature, too.

    Thanks for the tips!
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    Query--can I update the WorldMate current converter just using the data stream on my phone? It talks about 600 support in some places, but not in the section about updating the currency values.
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    Yes, WorldMate (at least WorldMate Pro) will update the currency exchange converter "over the air" when you press the "Get Updated Rates" button. I believe it also does it when you sync as well.
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