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    I've only read threads about people who have been having problems updating to 1.2. Quite frankly it scared the crap out of me and I resisted doing it for a while until I gave in and just had to tinker. Am I the only one out there who followed all of the directions and have had a totally smooth upgrade experience with no ill effects afterwards?
    I think people might be more open to try this if TC also dealt with positive experiences and not only the problems. Certainly all of those who had problems and posted solutions are a total asset to this site!
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    Mine was perfect..the "Crow" GSM version.
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    Perfect, no issues, no problems. Took like 5 minutes.
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    No problem here, used the hotsync to PC, then did a HARD reset and made a new user named "TempMe" and ran the SPrintv1.20 Updater under that name.

    Then I did another HARD reset again, made sure my hotsync conduit was set to "DESKTOP OVERWRITES HANDELD", did a hotsync with my normal user name and all was good.

    Didn't even need a backup untiltiy like backup buddy or anything.

    If I had to say something didn't go 100%, it would be that I had to reinstall Klondike, Graffiti Anywhere and a very few others that were not backed up.

    It was simpler then the Sprint V1.10 update where I DID NOT make a tempuser and just did it on my normal profile.

    Go for it.

    Good luck, Matt
    Just for giggles, copy your profile folder (on your desktop) so you a back up if need be.
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    Smooth as silk. GSM Cingular 3.05 FW.
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    Backup to Card, Hard Reset, Upgrade, Restore. No Problems whatsoever, with either Sprint 1.1 or 1.2.
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    It went perfect for me.

    No hard reset. No new user profile. Just followed the directions on the Palm site.
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    Did a backup (using backupman), then a hard reset. Didn't change my profile name, just ran the upgrade and followed onscreen instructions. Once the upgrade was finished I did a restore and voila! Everything worked perfectly thereafter.

    I tested the voice recording capability using soundrec (THANKS RYAN!) and am very pleased to have that function now on my CDMA Treo 600!
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    All went smoothly for me. Followed instructions to the letter. No problems whatsoever.
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    It went almost perfect for me... Everything worked fine except for Launcher X... Not a big deal, just deleted it and reinstalled. No fancy upgrade path, just followed the directions on the site. (sprint 1.20 upgrade)
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    Not a single problem... Took like 10-15 minutes total. Even my Aqua skin came back. The installer did it's own backup and restore.
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    No issues whatsoever. Went with the Palm1 instructions on their site for the Sprint Treo 600.
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    my upgrade occured prior to the thread suggesting the backups. took about 15 mins including the built in backup. Had one issue with a buzzing from the speaker..One soft reset and everything is fine. Even my aqua phone went fine! Only pain was the reloading of the Email settings with 1.02 app. I did disable my treo butler and profiles prior to update..
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    Sprint problems whatsoever!
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    I had a perfect experience as well (My Dad's went smoothly also!)
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    After installation,I performed a hotsync which almost restored proper but with one tap from Backupman,I immediately was back in business. Just to make sure, I went online and did a network search without any problems. I am not having all the problems reported in this forum. I am still on my first 600 bought from Handspring the day they were released.
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    Perfect for me as well, the only precaution I took was to disable Lightwav then I followed the Sprint Update instructions and a few minutes later, I was up and running again with no problems whatsoever.

    The recurring Upgrade problem owners seem to be encoutering is with the utilties (Lightwave, Treo Butler, etc.) that load up upon entering Wireless mode. Unfortunately users do not always know what utilties include this behavior and therefore do not know that they need to be disabled prior to an update.

    I'm thinking the utilties which load up on entering wireless mode must be registering this information somewhere (ala windows registry) in the Treo database so is it possible to develop an utility that could present a list of such installed utilties and give an option of disabling/enabling them?

    Any thoughts?
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    No problems at all. Didn't have to create a new user. Just did a regular backup just in case.
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    I followed the instructions. The upgrade even patched that wacky Klondike sound issue.

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    Everything went perfectly. My Treo is now just the way I want it.
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