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    So you are a pilot!
    Have you seen anything in this thread?
    and this one:
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    I'm in the process of getting my Private lisence and am currently using Privat Pilot from pockettest to prepare for my written exam!
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    I use CoPilot, E6B, PilotPal and PAD. For preparation of exams the PrvPlt and IPilot series are pretty good. Wrote my own DB for SmartList as a Logbook.
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    I'll throw in my 2 cents here.... Airport Insight is an Airport Facilities directory- basically the electronic version of the AF/D. It has been out for at least a couple years, and is updated every 56 days. It is *very* well done (only complaint is it's windows based and I'm a mac user, but works fine to install with virtual PC). Does some basic flight planning as well. A trial is available from the developer (

    Also, for excellent real time weather, get a subscription to In addition to providing metars, TAF, satellite images, etc, it provides NEXRAD images. It is very sleek! For any flight instructors out there, they offer a free year subscription. I'm currently using it on my kyocera 7135 (waiting for verizon), and it works great.

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