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    I ordered a covertec leather (similar to the form-fit) case and a cradle for my T600 and they both arrived on the same day. I was all excited to have two new toys to play with when I realized that the phone wouldn't fit into the cradle while in the new case. I decided to take the cradle apart and see if I could "fix" it and make it work.

    (there is an image attached w/figures in it - they were taken w/my treo, so the quality isn't the best, but you should be able to see what you need)

    I noticed that if I pushed the phone down into the cradle really hard, I could get it to charge, but it wasn't seated far enough down that it would sync. It looked like there were two little connection points that weren't getting a connection because of the bulk of the case on the bottom.

    To open the cradle, there are three small Phillips screws on the bottom. One of them you can see in a hole on the bottom. The other two are under the front rubber feet. They're just sticky and peel right off. Once you get it open, there really isn't too much to it.

    I removed the bottom (fig. 1) and set it aside. I needed to get the connector on the cradle to stand up in the cradle a little bit higher so the case wouldn't get in the way any more.

    I pulled the circuit board out of the plastic (fig. 2) and looked how it was sitting in the cradle. There are two notches on the top of the board that lay against two plastic notches in the cradle (fig. 3). I first started to cut away some of the plastic of the cradle, but it didn't work too well, and I kept feeling like I was going to break them clean off. I moved to back to the circuit board and took a small Swiss army knife and dug out the notches in the board a little bit. I probably removed about 1/8 of an inch in both of the notches on the board. I went back and fourth a few times, setting the board back in the plastic and setting the palm in the cradle to see if I had removed enough. I'm sure it will vary depending on the thickness of the case you use.

    Once I removed enough, I put the bottom portion of the cradle plastic back on and tried the phone in it again. It didn't work. The circuit board kept falling back to the bottom. There are two notches on the bottom portion that the circuit board sits in too that I hadn't noticed (fig. 4). To compensate for this, I cut two small strips of cardboard (about 1/4 inch wide) and folded them over a couple times and put them on the bottom notches of the circuit board (fig. 5) to hold it high enough in the cradle.

    I put it back together and tried the phone again, and it worked. I put the screws back in and tried it again and taa-daa, my cradle now works with my phone in it's case.

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    Since noone else has said it... Cool! And thank you for describing what's involved.

    I've been very tempted to make my own version of a "Palm Couch" partly because the connector doesn't stick out quite enough anyway, so I was thinking about cracking it open. Mostly, though, just because I think what this guy has done with the boring crade is pretty entertaining and I like customizing stuff.
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    Those are some pretty damn cool mods! It may have inspired me to do something as simple as change the LED in the cradle to a Bright Blue. Or make a couch?? Mercer, do you know what material the couches are made out of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk
    Mercer, do you know what material the couches are made out of?
    I don't, but I figured on getting some scraps of fabric-backed vinyl from a local fabric place that specializes in leather and leather-like materials. The "puff" of the couch would just be from foam like in any cheap furniture (purchased at the same place or a craft store). Perhaps one might glue the foam on with spray adhesive, trim it to shape, then sew the fabric in-place inside-out a la Trading Spaces couch slip covers. Hmmm.

    Since I like the hard slide-in back of the cradle I thought I might just paint the back a reasonably close color match to the couch fabric. I've also been known to cover things with thin wood veneer (Home Depot or wood speciality stores), lightly wetting and heating the veneer to make it more flexible, and gluing it on with contact cement, then staining and varnishing.

    I admit that thinking about it is as fun as making it, and not all my potential projects get made.

    I did recently make an origami SD card case, though!

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