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    I searched other threads and found a brief mention of this, but I want to ask the specific question...

    Anyone else have their IR Sync stop working after they installed the software (v1.0) for the Treo 600 Portable Keyboard?

    My PC used to recognize when another devise was nearby. Now it doesn't, and if I try an IR HotSync, the Treo says the IR port is being used by another application.

    Is this a bug? It would seriously SUCK if the keyboard that HS sells would work with their own product!
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    I had the same situation with my PalmOne Wireless keyboard. When the keyboard is enabled it monopolizes the IR port to transmit data between the keyboard and the handheld. You can confirm this by going into your Treo preferences 'Beam receive' is likely 'off' and will keep reverting to 'off' until the keyboard is disabled.

    Long story short, try disabling the keyboard when you are trying IR sync.


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