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    Originally posted by breckbone
    Ok, so I can only use CDMA. How would that affect the billing if I was on another CDMA network? And what other carriers are CDMA besides Sprint?

    I am not familiar with CDMA networks since Europe (and more or less the rest of the world) is GSM. However, if you want to use your (formerly locked) Treo in another CDMA network (assuming there is one), you would have to have a SIM card from and some form of contract with the other carrier, and you would of course also be billed by them.

    Your mobile number is another story. It is easy if you take a new one, but keeping your "old" number (the one you used with the locked phone) could be difficult because it is registered with the old carrier, and I am not sure whether they would cooperate regarding portability in that case.
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    I first transferred all data to the sd card via card port and then installed the sd card into sign of data on treo...all signs of data on pc!!!!???

    then i tried hotsyncing data but it keeps diconnecting on the hot sync???

    any suggestions?
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    Have you tried inserting card, going to Application pull down menu and hitting card at the bottom of the list? Should be in there.
    Check your card on the PC again, the files should be stored in the folder Palm/launcher/
    If they are not in that folder, move them.
    If there are no folders called that, then create them and put your files in there, now try again.
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    NOW, WILL MY uk based treo work in the US?
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    The Sprint Treo isn't unlocked like the GSM Treos are, as there is no SIM card to lock to. There is a whole list of things that need to be done to get the Sprint CDMA Treo to work on Verizon's network... and it's not a simple unlock patch like this is for the GSM Treos.

    - Mike
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    so...any suggestions, now that my treo is unlocked!!!!, on what to do for my regular trips to the US. Can I buy a pay as you go type sim card there to use the phone while I'm in the country?

    If so, does anyone know the best deals on such cards these days? with the best call rates?
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    Finally unlocked my Orange UK phone

    - this is at least my 10th time of trying - but I was encouraged by a similar story on this thread. This time it just worked.

    Thanks again to everyone who has helped!
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    Perhaps we should write a sim unlock faq, is it possible to make a locked faq that resides at the top level of the discussion?
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    thanks to the good folks at t-mobile I was able to unlock my treo 600 with no trouble at all. I just mentioned that I was going to a country they don't serve (costa rica for example) now my phone is unlocked, no hassle at all. Thanks T-Mobile
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    From what I know is the only US carrier that sells a no contract service. Check their website for costs. You can check cingular but I don't think they do.
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    Originally posted by the phoenix
    I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear since I have finally managed to unlock my Orange Uk Treo!

    I got hold of the file before, but fomr some reason it just didn't work for me. Tonight I followed the above link and thought I'd give it another go (and why not?!) For some reason it all worked as planned, and I can now use it in Spain with my Spanish Vodafone SIM card (I tested it with that, and a UK Vodafone prepay SIM - it all works just so incredibly beautiful!)

    Let's say I want to unlock a T-Mobile phone just on general principle, but continue to use T-Mobile. Does running the patch interfere with current/continuing T-Mobile operation?
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    No, the patch only unlocks. It does not have any effect on your settings, etc. for your carrier...
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    The link above for instructions is broken. Can someone please provide a link to trusted instructions?

    Also, does this only unlock or does it result in a change in firmware version?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Please read my instructions posted on page one of this thread.

    It ONLY unlocks, if you want to upgrade the firmware you need the SIAM 921 file and install that first. (search for that here too)
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    what does it mean to upgrade firmware?
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    Originally posted by scudder
    Please read my instructions posted on page one of this thread.

    It ONLY unlocks, if you want to upgrade the firmware you need the SIAM 921 file and install that first. (search for that here too)
    Peter017 and Scudder:

    Thank you!

    I was trying to save the zip file and the info for future reference and other threads about this topic are just plain unwieldy. I really appreciate the concise and summarizing nature of this thread.
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