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    i installed the treo 600 car kit knowing the sprint driver won't be ready until april; i expected the echo promlem on the receiver's side; i make calls fine, but when receiving on the car kit, the speaker and mike do not activate (i have to remove the phone from the cradle to talk or hear); any one else have this problem? i tried the at&t and cingular drivers
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    Originally posted by john c
    any one else have this problem?
    I suspect that all people who use the car kit for sprint phones have this or other problems. And you probably won't find a lot of these people to troubleshoot with because 99.999% of the people out there probably figure that there's an actual reason why the car kit is explicitly marked for incompatibility with Sprint phones.

    And here's another thing to think about - who ever said that the answer to compatibility is only a SW driver? There might be small HW modifications that need to be made too!


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