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    I don't even have a Treo yet (damn Canadian carriers), but I'm already thinking about how I would use it. I am wondering if such an application exists:

    It would consist of two parts
    - a POP3/IMAP client running on my home computer that checks several of my email accounts and downloads new messages. The messages would be collected into one pool and stored on the machine.
    - a POP3 server would allow connections from my Treo and send down all of the aggregate messages that the client collected.

    This should work as I always have my home computer running, it has a static hostname (dynamic IP but mapped to static host name via dynamic DNS).

    That way, the home computer would do most of the work of connecting to the various email accounts that I have and downloading messages, but the Treo would just need to connect to my home computer (and you could use any POP3 mail client for PalmOS).

    Does something like this exist already? If not, I guess it's a project I could start one of these eons.
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    I'm thinking the closest thing to this would be Palm VNC. You'd just be dialing into to your PC and have to use your PC e-mail application to read all the mail.

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