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    A followup to the thread "USB Keychain style card reader"

    has anyone used the Kanguru Micordrive+

    It looks really sweet, price isn't too bad and it pulls ahead of other SD card readers by supplying onboard flash mem (32MB-512MB, your choice).

    I'm confused why I haven't heard about this before. It offers functionality far beyond a simple card reader or flash drive- it's both. Size seems small, price is nice, so what's the hold up? (aside from only being USB 1.1, but I'll overlook that).

    Does anyone currently use this? If so, how is it?

    Also, does anyone know if there are similar products? By that I mean small SD card readers with built in flash mem. I searched and searched and this is all i found (and I stumbled upon it by accident after i gave up looking).
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    I have three of these devices a friend of mine gave me, all 512mb with the reader and they work fantastic. It shows up as two different drives when you attach it. One is the flash-floppy and the other is the reader.
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