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    Originally posted by chiselmonkey99
    Please Help me here's my story
    A: Downloaded updater
    B: Have Treo 600 from sprint no hacks
    C: 17.5 MB of avail space and..256mb card
    D: after 1st synch error msg says not enough memory please make room.
    Based on were your at, my advise would be

    1) make sure your desk top is up to date with calander, to do and other info, if it is
    3) hard reset your device if 1.10 is installed on device
    2)dial ##786, is it 1.10 under software version? if it is which I betting it is then
    4) right click hotsync icon on computer and go to custom click change button
    5) make sure you check " desk overrights handheld" on all options listed and allowed especially last option listed
    6) sync.

    I"m assuming you don't have a back up app.

    Good Luck
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    did a sync.
    created a second user.
    did hard reset
    synced to second user.
    did upgrade.
    got up to new version.

    did hard reset.
    tried syncing back to my original user name.

    I get this.
    HotSync operation started 1/28/2004 10:09:00 PM
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\AddressZipDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Biz_Conn.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Bookmarks.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Calendar.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Camera_Canned_Messages.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Camera_CompAddress.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Camera_CompDomain.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\CarrierProfiles.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Chatter.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ChatterInbox.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ChatterLog.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ChatterOutbox.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ChatterQueue.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\CityTimeDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\DA.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Datebk3HDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\DiddleBug.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\DiddleBugDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\DiddleBug_ScreenCap.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMailAddressDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMailDomainDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail_deDE.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail_enUS.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail_esES.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail_frFR.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\EMail_itIT.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Email_libr_HsMp_BC3BD9CA.PDB
    - Already exists: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\FakePhoneLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\FileBrowser.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Filez.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\FontBucket.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\FontBucketDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\FrmtsCurrDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts_.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts__.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts___.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\HandZipperLite.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\HSAdvCalcDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\HSTraceDatabase.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ImageLib_imageDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\ImageLib_mainDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTAppDB.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB_deDE.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB_enUS.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB_esES.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB_frFR.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\IMTLibDB_itIT.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\JpegWatchLite.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\KeyCaps600.PRC
    - Already exists: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\MailExchange-HsMx.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\MailLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\MIDI_Ring_Tones.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\mLights.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\NetworkDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\NetworkProfiles.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\PdaNet.PRC
    - Install failed: C:\Program Files\Palm\600T\backup\PhoneCallDB.PDB
    Install synchronization failed
    Restore application database error
    HotSync Error: Connection is lost (6410)
    HotSync operation complete 1/28/2004 10:12:28 PM

    Ove and over no matter what I do, I get the syncronization failed. it asks me to reset my phone. everything is there, but when I sync it asks me again what user I'm syncing as if i'm syncing for the first time.

    Any ideas?
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    not sure if this will help
    hard reset
    go to custom settings and make sure desktop overrights handheld is checked on all options possible. re sync under old user name good luck
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    imageone, thank you. i just updated my not fully charged treo on my mac. no hitches, no problems.
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    I'll add that Mergic VPN for some reason complained about a missing component after the upgrade. A re-install fixed it.
    - Fushigi
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    After updating to the new fix, my Treo doesn't seem to want to charge all the way... either that or it is taking it's sweet time about it.
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    Installed update following the instructions EXACTLY, no problems. Back up and running 10 minutes later. <whew> dodged another bullet!
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    Just updated mine. Process went perfectly, no hitches so far. SMS works great!! I feel like I have finally got what I paid for.
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    Seems that I am having trouble logging into my email since the update
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    There are no more blue dots on the camera......finally. I did an install and then a restore and everything wroks great. I don't understand why you would have to do that username switcheroo thing. Am I missing something? Everything works great.
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    holy moly!
    you're right!
    the blue creep in low light is all but gone when I take pictures now!
    that alone was worth the update.
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    Mother FK**$@*!?!?%

    The camera was working great, but then
    after I took a picture the stinkin Blue creep came back. WTF? How did they fix it, and then manage to screw it up again?
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    Had problems updating first few times. Looks like my "hacks" and third party programs were causing problems. I kept getting "application not found" errors halfway through the update until..........

    Tried the hard reset w/ synch to a dummy user method successfully. Restored my original data.

    SMS works OK. I went to the Yahoo Mobile site and sent a SMS to my phone. I received the message and the phone did not reset.

    VeriChat is screwed, weird things happening. Suppose I will re-install and see what happens.

    Lost a bunch of settings in my Biz Connection. No big deal.

    Unlike users above, I think I have *more* blue dots via camera.

    Blazer browser *seems* to take more time to load and exit. Perhaps, it is working as intended now.

    Still verifying other programs, but I don't see any other improvements or problems at this time.

    Version information (##786) reports "Software Rev: Treo600-1.10-SPR"........however, SMS reports 1.00 (I guess that is OK).

    What a pain in my *ss %@#*^!.
    If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    Originally posted by kaffeen
    Unlike users above, I think I have *more* blue dots via camera.
    You are not alone. I've got way more blue snow in my pictures now than I ever had before the update.

    I've got one pixel that seems to be permanently blue!

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    Did anyone realize that since the update, it takes longer to share pictures ?? or is it just my imagination

    BTW the blue thing, I dont even think it was inteded to be fixed, if yes they would of stated it...
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    I cannot thank whoever suggested using Syncall enough. If you cannot back up to an SD then I cannot stress enough the importance of using Syncall. It is free off of Palmgear and will force all your files to be backed up. After using it I only had Quickoffice forget the Registration key after restoring. Everything else was fine.

    The only problems I had was that at one point the updater was stating that it did not have enough space to execute even though it claimed there was 14.9 MB free - even though there really could not have been that much space. I just deleted another file I did not need and then did a reset before running the updater again. If in doubt do a reset first and try again. I also had to restart the hotsync manager a few times in combination with resetting the device when I could not get hotsync to work during the process. Everything is fine now.

    Other than that everything worked when I came back up and I did not backup to a second user either as this was not in the updater instructions.

    Before I ran the process I also got an SMS from Sprint saying that the fix was mandatory for customers to install. However, I still cannot send SMS messages. Anyone know why Sprint can send them to my handheld and no one else can?

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    I want to see a full changelog, no way this update only fixed these very non-specific things:

    # Corrects the resetting issue caused by SMS text messaging with new network SMS implementation hosted by Sprint
    # Fixes Web browser cookie corruption and cookie size management
    # Enables the use of numbered keys to navigate pages on the mobile website from Sprint
    # Corrects provisioning issues that have occurred on a small number of devices

    It seems the blue dot issue is MUCH better now, why didn't they mention that? Does anyone have a full list of fixes from this?

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    Originally posted by webslappy
    didn't see this posted on this thread, but did anyone else get a SMS from Sprint posting a link to the update @

    I just got one and will be applying it shortly with the straightforward instructions given on this thread. Thanks.
    I wnet to this page thinking maybe there is yet another update coming but that was not the case. So I sent them and email from the bottom of the update page asking for Info on "T610" and Camera improements and voice recording.

    I don't think it will it will help but I want to make SURE they know we are waiting...
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Originally posted by tonytag
    Mother FK**$@*!?!?%

    The camera was working great, but then
    after I took a picture the stinkin Blue creep came back. WTF? How did they fix it, and then manage to screw it up again?
    Updater 1.10 has no fix for the camera. the blue dots appear the longer you focus without taking a shot. if you turn your camera on you'll notice no blue dots imediately, but within 5 -10 seconds they show up.
    a fix is definetly needed. at present, the camera is often useless!
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    I wonder why Klondike stopped working. I fixed it by reinstalling, but still it's curious
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