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    Ok, so given the current hoopala with the iPod's non-replaceable built-in battery ("either 'refurbish' the unit or buy a new one" [1]) --- what's going to be the deal with the T600's builtin battery?

    Lion batteries have a finite lifetime after which they will no longer "hold a charge", so the builtin battery in T600s will "wear out" at some point in the future -- "when" will depend on each individual user's usage & charging habits.

    I have a sprint unit and looked in the hardcopy manual just now and AFAICT it doesn't say anything about replacing the builtin battery.

    Anyone know what the deal is gonna be? Hopefully PalmOne isn't intending to pull an iPod on us. ;-)


    ps: I was wondering what to do with my T300, but the more I think about it, the more I'm just going to hang onto it as a backup unit.
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    i guess it is a tradeoff.

    if the t600 had a removable battery, it would be a lot smaller.

    the current battery is 1800 mAh, a monster for a device this size (the other current palms have either a 900 or a 1200mAh battery). I would figure it would be a 900-1100mAh battery if it were removable.

    i am almost sure that HS considered a removable option but decided that capacity was more important. i also believe that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steven975
    if the t600 had a removable battery, it would be a lot smaller
    I so completely misread that statement first time round but I digress...

    Adding a removable battery adds quite a bit of space (think at least another skin thickness, plus room to manuver, plus the fact that you cant 'sqeeze' it into the spot that you would like (thus optimal space usage))

    Also add to the fact that phones (even brilliant ones like the treo 600) are not designed to be used beyond 1.5->2 years (1.5 years for the uber user). Phones are almost displosable now.. its just unfortunate that the income that buys them isnt.
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    I can understand the reasons for not going with a user-replaceable battery, but having made that decision, failing to providing a battery replacement service would be absurd. How many people view a $500 device as "disposable" and are OK with it not functioning after 18 months?

    Any indications that PalmOne might offer a battery replacement service? If not, perhaps some third party will?
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    The battery in the 270 is not 'replaceable' either. I have opened and replaced it. The 600 battery may be slightly more difficult to replace. (Does it have a connector or soldered leads?) I would expect battery replacement services to spring up when the demand for them starts to show up.
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    I came across this site a while back. I've never bought from them, just thought I'd put it out there.

    Handspring Batteries Website

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    Originally posted by ERicJ
    Handspring Batteries Website [/B]
    Excellent, thanks!

    So if the T600 is as easy as the T300 is to change the batt (ie batt lead is pluggable), then it won't be a terribly big deal especially if the unit's 1 yr warranty is expired (replacing the batt yerself voids the warranty (I checked the warranty in my Sprint-Treo user's manual).

    Hm, and this must be the reason (warranty voidness) that iPod folk have wedgies over the iPod batt -- the site you pointed to above sells do-it-yerself iPod batteries.
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    no wonder the t300 had crappy battery life...800mAh. that's less than half the capacity of the 600!

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