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    I have seen posts for these 2 free apps. I still can't tell if they work on the Treo 600 and what they actually do. Can someone clarify for me? Why would I need them?

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    TreoHelper 0.56 works 90% on the Treo 600. On the Treo 600 it is lacking the ringtones and also the keyguard gets in the way sometimes. TH does on/off times, SMS triggers (launch GGM, SnapperMail etc). Stuff like that. It's also a platform where I will fix Treo annoyances.

    PBJTime/PBJTimeHack are not working on the Treo 600 until a rewrite. It is used as an alternate SMS viewer for things like horoscopes, or news briefs, where you don't want them to popup in a modal dialog. PBJTimeHack is used to assign it to a hotkey. That will need to be rewritten for OS 5, to use keypress notifications.

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