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    Hi folks!

    First of all, this being my initial posting on this forum, I'd like to say what a nice community this is. Most everyone is civil to one another, and there is a pleathora of valuable information on this site! Okay, no onto more pressing matters...

    I placed my order for a Sprint T600 on the 26th, so I wasn't expecting to hear anything for another 2 weeks. However, as of this morning, my status has been upgraded to "Awating Shipment." For those of you who already have your phone, or who have at least had your phone shipped, how long was your order awaiting shipment?

    I'm so excited for this phone, I can't even explain it. The reason I ordered this phone was because my Sanyo 5300 bit the dust, so being without a phone for multiple weeks is starting to--how to put this nicely--send me into fits of uncontrollable rage!
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    When I first ordered my Treo 270, the Handspring website told me "awaiting shipment" right up to one week AFTER I had received my Treo! It's a very rough guide. Take heart.

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