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    Has anyone else had any experiences with this program? It was just posted on PalmGear this morning.

    It seems to work as advertised -- though I haven't tried it in everything yet.

    And the best news --- it helps in Agendus -- though opposite of what I expected. I expected to be able to page up and down in the lists in Agendus -- but it actually allows you to select any of the buttons at the bottom of the page -- or the drop down at the top. It's not full Agendus T600 compatability, but it helps.

    From the description:

    Treo Nav Set

    On a Treo 600, press and hold the center navigator button for at least the specified "delay" to toggle between navigation mode and normal mode.

    In navigation mode, the directional keys move the blue cursor to the next control. In normal mode, the up and down directional keys act like scroll keys.

    This will not work properly in an application that is specially set up for navigation, like most of the built-in apps. It mostly works for the "default" behavior, which is much less sophisiticated than the speically adapted apps. For an app that is not aware of the navigator, the Treo 600 provides navigation on "modal" screens normally. (A modal screen has the title centered at the top, instead of flush left.

    Treo Nav Set is freeware. It is copyright by me, S. Millman, 2003. (

    Note: this software is not consistent with any other hardware.
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    I have tried this with Filez and Quicksheet and it seems to work fine. When you hold down the button in the center of the 5-way, the unit beeps, and you can then navigate pretty much like any 5-way enabled app. When you hold down the button a second time, the unit beeps again and the unit returns to normal.
    I tried to get it to work for selecting apps in LauncherX, but it didn't seem to work there.

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