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    Regarding the T600 - I've been following it (and this board) since the first mention of its development. It has grown into an obsession for me.

    Due to certain financial obligations - I just finally ordered it last night. Handspring C/S says there is a 2 to 3 week delay. I asked if that is real - or are they just required to say that. He said they are required to say manage people's expectations, but couldn't tell me when it will be shipped!

    I've waited long enough...

    Being that I ordered it late last night (with overnight delivery)...realistically - when do you guys think I'll get the T600? How long are people like me actually waiting?

    Thanks for your help
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    me too -- work just ordered me one with the 300 upgrade from said 2-3 weeks for delivery. i'm in ohio, and since the hinge on my 300 just broke i'm chompin at the bit for this 600 to arrive.

    i'll post when i get it, please do as well. i can probably manage to go a week or so with this broken 300 but after that i'll be freaking.

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