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    Can anyone who had a VisorPhone and a 270 comment on how the reception of the 270 compares, especially in marginal areas?
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    A friend of mine has one of these and we are always comparing notes. He thinks the VisorPhone battery lasts a bit longer than the 270 and that it gets slightly better reception. I would agree on the battery, but I think the reception seems to be about the same. But, the Treo 600 seems like it fixes all these issues.
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    Well I'll say that they are about the same with the 270. I think that the 270 itīs a little better.
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    I've had a VisorPhone, 180, and a 270 (all on Voicestream/TMO), and I'll have to say that they have all been about the same. It is my hope that the 600 is better, as my 270 has problems with reception in many buildings.

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