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    Hey Guys,

    What do you need in order to use Graffit?

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    will Jot work?
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    Why do you need grafiti anyways? Just curious with the 5way pad?
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    Well personally, I so far have wished I had it to select sections of text for editing, for entering the little "curly-Q" shortcuts, and for doing menu shortcuts, where you wrote a slash-whatever to cause a cut, paste, etc.
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    You can use the keyboard for all of those.

    Page 31 of the manual tells how to highlight and edit things.

    The special character shortcuts just require some alt-key combinations, just like previous Treo models (page 35 in the manual). Page 36 has the entire list. I will agree that this is a little annoying, but I don't use special characters enough to worry about it.

    The menu key replaces the slash. On earlier Treo models the menu key actually had a :menu: image on it, I haven't seen a Treo600 up close yet but I'm assuming it doesn't have that image on the button anymore or else you wouldn't have asked. So for example, menu key followed by C would be copy.
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    There is nothing on page 31 about selecting text in a sentence to edit/delete by using the keyboard. In fact, the only reference I see to doing anything like that on that page talks about using the stylus to do it! Maybe I didn't make it clear what I meant...for instance lets say I have a document/memo/whatever with the following sentence in it:

    "We'll be meeting on Thursday at the Mariott at 1:30PM to discuss those issues."

    I want to change the day, the location, and the time in that sentence to something else, so I need to select, or highlight, the phrase "Thursday at the Mariott at 1:30PM" so that I can delete or change it without affecting the rest of the sentence. Using the stylus, I would touch in front of the "T" in "Thursday" and drag it to the "M" in "PM" to make the selection. And certainly, using the stylus to do this still works, as that's not really related to not having Graffiti available. But I don't really want to stop, pull out the stylus and select the text, stop and put the stylus back, and then go back to typing...I want to use the stylus to select the text and just input the new info. So by disabling Graffiti, they make this simple edit more complex than it used to be.

    I have no clue how to do that using just the keyboard, I don't see any indication on page 31, or elsewhere, that tells me how. Maybe you could explain it in detail.
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    I too find the grafitti nice on my 300. I use a combo of the two. For short cuts, it can't be beat IMHO. I'll try JOT when my 600 hits.
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    you certainly shouldn't have to explain the virtue of graffiti vs. the micro key board the 600 has. i've never liked the treo key boards. i much prefer graffiti/jot. jot works great on my 600. make sure you use jot and not graffiti 2. graffiti 2 will cause a soft reset.

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