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    did this..... called about 8 pm (about when the game got started) michelle said she still did not see anything.
    michelle "did you have them post it to your bill?"
    me "yes"
    michelle "that is why it is not here... we only take cc"
    me "ok"

    she goes ahead and gets the debit card #
    michelle "i will call you back tonight when it has gone through"
    me "ok"

    called back got debbie
    debbie "it shows your card did not go through" (maybe my debit has a daily limit)
    I gave a new cc and asked again if i can get a discount, because i was not able to get one, and i have been with sprint since 99 bla bla bla... she said to contact customer care
    There i talked to kevin from nm he was able to get me $50 and no activation fee (esn swap) plus night and weekends starting at 8pm.

    tomorrow i will call after lunch to get a tracking number.
    they said it should be here (miami) by friday.

    at least i have some closure to this! i will be happy when i get a tracking number! that the number works! and that the phone is here!
    well i hope it helps those people that have "paper orders"

    my suggestions if you are an existing customer and upgrading phones:
    - call the 888-253-1315 get the name, dept, and where they are working from.
    - pay with a credit card instead of a debit
    - call 888-211-4727 customer care and see what they can offered with your account history. they should be able to see the order that you made at the other number.
    - call back later or the next day to get tracking number

    relax! go to sleep happy
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