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    Originally posted by eyeball
    Yes, that is the card I bought and it works great. I have it talking with the phone and exchanging data.

    Where I am having trouble is getting web access through a dial up account.....
    Does this card sticks out about 14 mm above the top edge?
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    I don't have a ruler handy but it looks about right
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    I'm getting my wife a Treo 90 to replace her aging Palm Vx and I was poking around here... I've got a Treo 600 on the way for me...

    Anyway, the Treo 90 can use a BT card, but the 600 can't? What gives?
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    Originally posted by eyeball
    I don't have a ruler handy but it looks about right
    ok,I know.That's disappoint,I think it's easy to lose if you insert it and use it outside.
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    It seems to be pretty secure in the slot. It requires you to push down slightly to "unlock" it from the slot. However Imust admit I don'y leave it in when it's not necessary out of fear of banging it on something...
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    What gives?
    Using the Palm BT card,
    Installed the drivers from the disc.
    Installed the first patch.
    Installed the second patch.
    No GPRS.
    AT&T doesn't support dialup, only GPRS.
    Kinda stuck, here.

    Rusty J
    90, Palm BT SDIO card
    SonyEricsson T616 on AT&T
    270 (semi-defunct)
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    I used the login script that worked for my Tungsten T3, which got me ALMOST there, but I still get an "incorrect APN" error on the phone.
    There is no option to enter an APN (isn't one on the T3 either).
    Any clues?
    Rusty J
    90 + SE t616
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    Bump, with minor progress.
    ATT tech support mentioned dialing *99# to bring up GPRS.
    Now, the phone goes into "connecting" mode but doesn't connect.
    (Doesn't get as far as having a bad APN, I don't think).
    Has anyone gotten this to work?
    At this point, it's more out of curiosity, since I'll be getting a T600 for myself shortly.

    Rusty J
    90, Palm BT SD card, T616
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    Hi Treo + BT users, how about battery life? Thanks.
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    (Dune) ...Anyway, the Treo 90 can use a BT card, but the 600 can't? What gives?
    The Palm Bluetooth card does not work with Palm OS 5. My guess is that PalmOne wants you to buy a PDA from them that includes it, if you want OS5.

    (Fixup) Hi Treo + BT users, how about battery life? Thanks.
    Using BT does cut into battery life significantly (about 1/3 less).
    Set the connection idle timeout for the minimum (1 minute); this will help.

    I've gotten Blazer to work with the Zoom Bluetooth Modem; it's a nice combination.
    It also works with the SonyEricsson T616 (and should work as well with the T610, as it's the same phone but doesn't use the 800mhz band).
    I used the same login script as the default for the PalmOne TT3, but replaced the "Wait For: Connect" with "Delay: 0"
    On AT&T, use a single blank space in the user name and password spaces.

    Blazer (the original one, not the version on the Treo 600) doesn't do full-sized sites perfectly, but it works.

    I still wish Handspring had built an OS5 version of the T90 with integral bluetooth and a backlit keyboard. Oh well...
    Blackjack, Tilt; Treo 90, 270-680; Palm Vx, i705, T|T3, iQue 3200; Nokia N800, E71
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    For those of you wanting to get your Treo 90 with Palm Bluetooth card to work with Cingular GPRS data service, here's what worked for me after several days of trying and several hours on the phone with Cingular tech support. These instructions are for a Siemens S56 phone.

    Total cost of the solution: ~$35 + monthly service. Free phone, $35 bluetooth card.

    1) Sign up for Cingular Wireless Internet Express service. This will cost anywhere from $3/mo for 500KB/mo to $80/mo for unlimited all you can eat service.

    2) Activate Bluetooth on the phone. Menu->Connectivity->Bluetooth. Note that this will disable IR on the phone.

    3) Activate Bluetooth on the Treo. Load all the software that comes with the card and have the card installed. Home->Prefs->Bluetooth->Trusted Devices->Add Device. Discover the phone and enter in the same 4 digit PIN on the phone as well as the Treo.

    4) Create a new connection to the phone on the Treo. This is a data connection, and is different from the "phone" connection you use to dial and send SMS text messages to and from your phone.
    Name: <put in the name of the connection - example: "BT to S56">
    Connect to: Local Network
    Via: Bluetooth
    Device: <the name of the device you discovered back in step 3>
    Details: Speed: 115200, flow ctl: automatic

    5) Create a new network service on the Treo:
    Service: <create a name>
    Password: CINGULAR1
    Connection: <put in the name of the connection from step 4, i.e. "BT to S56">
    Connection type: PPP
    Idle timeout: Never
    Query DNS: check box
    IP Address: automatic (check box)
    Send: ATZ
    Send CR:
    Send: at+cgdcont=1,"IP","isp.cingular"
    Send CR:
    Send: atd*99***1#
    Send CR:

    That should do it. Any questions? Email me at: or AOL IM: albertcqlew

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    Quote Originally Posted by SprintTreo600
    but u cant do it from scatch and expect it to be cheaper than a 600.
    SprintTreo600: But the Treo 600 still doesn't have Bluetooth!

    Either way, a single device is more practical than two devices and a bunch of accessories, even if it costs a bit more. Since I want a single device and Bluetooth, I'll have to wait for the Treo 600 successor.

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