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    Like most of you, I have been waiting anxiously for the 600. In my fantasy, I would simply put in my T-Mobile SIM, sync to my PC and I would have all of the function I have now. T-Mobile support would not be necessary or make any difference.

    Then I began to think about the history of my 270. When I got my 270, T-Mobile did not support it. I could make voice calls on it; I could make data calls over a switched connection to my dial-up ISP, but I could not make GPRS connections.

    Early on, this was because T-Mobile did not have any GPRS service at all. However, even after they offered GPRS it would not work on a 270. We had to wait for a GPRS upgrade for the 270 from T-Mobile. (A few brave souls used GPRS software that they got from other sources with varying results.) You can read this sad history on Treo Central.

    So far T-Mobile has made no comment, much less commitment, on the 600. On the other hand Orange has. My Treo roams on Orange and other GSM/GPRS networks. I assume that any Orange subscriber will have GPRS on his Treo and when he is in T-Mobile's coverage area it will roam seamlessly.

    Will there be native GPRS support in the 600? Will it work on T-Mobile out of the box? Will I have to go back to using switched connections with the 600? Will I have to keep my 270 for GPRS support?
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    There won't be a GPRS issue with the 600 like the 270 and the 180. GPRS is built-in, no patching required. It all depends on the carriers, but you should be able to get GPRS to work even when the phone isn't T-Mobilr branded.

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    I do not understand what the dependency is. What is that "depends on the carrier?" It seems to me that if it works on one GPRS carrier, it ought to work on all. If I have an Orange 600 and I bring it to the US, it ought to work on any US Carrier, e.g., T-Mobile. If I buy a 600, take my SIM out of my 270 and put it into my new 600, why might it not work? What is it about the 600 that T-Mobile is sensitive too that might keep it from working.?

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