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    I haven't seen any mention of the Treo 600 having a keyboard backlight. Can anyone confirm this? I sure hope it does. If not then it may be a marketing ploy as in the 270 upgrade from the 180.
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    Yes, it has a backlight. Some of the pictures from CeBIT clearly show the keyboard backlight (a blue backlight). The hardware buttons are backlit also.
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    From this pic, looks simular to the color blue on the Samsung A-460. Pretty cool IMO.
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    I think it's the fourth or so picture.
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    Boy, It's not obvious to me that the keys are backlit, from the pics I've seen of the 600. It seems odd that no one has mentioned a backlit keyboard in the articles I've read. Are there any pics of the backlit keyboard, in the dark, without using a flash? I hope you're right.
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    Yes it is true that is has a backlight, in one of the videos I watched the handspring rep specifically mentioned that the GSM and CDMA versions both will have a keyboard backlight just as the 270 & 300 do now.
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    I've seen at least one article mention the keyboard backlight. Or perhaps it was on the Handspring Web site. Either way, there's definitely a keyboard backlight. It's a crucial feature that would be idiotic to remove from a new model.

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