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    Well I recently made the jump from my Treo 300 and Vision to Verizon/Express Network and the 7135. I thought I'd offer up a comparison about what I like and dislike about each setup.

    Let me start off by saying that I think the two devices are made for people with different needs and one setup is not better than the other.

    What I liked about the Treo 300 and Sprint/Vision:
    - Vision and its $10/month option
    Vision basically blows Express Network (EN) out of the water in terms of speed (100kbps+ on average versus ~65kbps for EN). You just can't beat that $10/month either! I consider it the best value in the wireless phone industry. Voice Command and my retention plan were also definite pluses for Sprint.

    - Treo 300 keyboard
    The thumboard is just a quicker input method as far as I'm concerned. Having most features a key press or two away is sure quicker than pulling out a stylus and hoping you wrote the right character on the graffiti pad. If you enter relatively large amounts of data into your PDA while you are away from your computer, I think you almost have to go with a mini keyboard and the Treo 300.

    What I disliked about the Treo 300 and Sprint/Vision:
    - The Design/Construction of the device
    The earpiece that is on the flip portion of the lid is so uncomfortable when I am using the 300 like a regular phone. Not only does the flip feel cheap and like I am going to break it everytime I use it, but its uncomfortable for me due to the ridge that is at the edge of the flip. I feel the device is too wide (feels like I am holding a PDA to my face and not a phone) and the overall construction just feels cheap. I know others will disagree but that is just my opinion. Headset is just too much hassle for me...

    - Treo 300's crappy reeception:
    I was previously using a Samsung I300 before the Treo 300 and the T300 would consistently give me 1-2 bars less than what the I300 would give me in the same place. This often meant the difference between getting a useable signal or just a signal at all...very frustrating!

    - No removeable battery
    I can't even begin to say hwo many times that got me in trouble. I would need to make a phone call or check something on the internet and couldn't because my battery was dead.

    -Treo 300 phone application
    I hate the fact that when I pop open the Treo it goes automatically to the speed dial page, drove me nuts! Also, when a call was in progress it would be on whatever that screen was instead of the screen that had all the actual phone keypad with all the numbers and letters. I would have to cycle through the screens to get to the desired screen just so I could spell out something! I know there are hacks/3rd party software out there to alleviate this problem but don't feel I should have to pay extra for such basic functionality.

    - Wireless Modem Support
    I know there is now 3rd party support for this functionality but I feel it should have been builtin, right out of the box. Its such a basic function, I don't know how they could elect not to have it there.

    What I like about the 7135/Express Network:

    - SD Slot
    I feel so much more secure knowing I can backup my entire device right to the onboard SD slot. Had to reset Treo 300 numerous times and lost everything until I got back to my laptop. Very inconvenient to say the least...

    - MP3 support:
    A lot of people will say I don't need my phone to play mp3s and while I defnitely can relate to that, once you have it, its just a really cool thing (for lack of a better phrase). Not only can you listen to mp3s but you can take any mp3 and make it into a ringer very easily! The speaker that plays the mp3s is amazing as well. While obviosuly not audiophile quality, defnitely one of the best ones out there for a phone or PDA.

    - External Caller ID on top
    Since I carry my phone on my side, being able to look down and to see who is calling is great. I really missed that functionality when I switched from my I300 to the T300.

    - Included Cradle
    Has a slot for charging spare battery at the same time and the power cord can be unplugged and taken with you for use as a travel charger and thus you can leave the cradle behind. The cradle cable also terminates in both USB and serial connections.

    - Removeable Battery
    I don't think I need to say much about that.

    - Stowaway Keyboard Option
    Graffit limited me to replying to emails with a really short message. Treo keyboard made it easier to composer slightly longer messages but not for emails that required longer replies. The Stowaway keyboard lets me leave my laptop at home when I know that the only computer functions I will need are web access and email. With the Treo 300, would still have to bring the laptop no matter what.

    - Voice Features
    Builtin voice-dialing is great as well as ability to do voice memos. Sprint Voice Command made up 90% for the builtin voice-dialing T300 lacked but still required an extra keypress.

    - Fax/Modem support right out of the box
    What else can I say about that, this is the way it should have been on the Treo 300.

    - Design/Usability/Construction
    The 7135 feels so solid in your hand and when you hold it up to your face to talk, it feels exactly how a phone should feel when you speak into it.

    What I do not like about 7135/EN:

    - EN speed
    As previously mentioned, Vision kills EN in terms of speed.

    - Tactile feedback of keypad
    While I enjoy the fact that I finally have a real, hard phone keypad, I hate that the keys are allmost flush with the surrounding plastic such that if you run your fingers over the keypad, it doesn't quite feel like a smooth surface but it is definitely not as bumpy as you would expect if you did that on some other phone's keypad. The result is little tactile feedback when you press a button. Maybe I'll get use to that but my first impression of the aspect is not a good one.

    - Thickness of 7135
    This is a THICK phone! I can see why Kyocera had to make it so thick (which one of the benefits is a solid feel) but still, would have been nice if it was just a little but thinner. This a minor thing though when you consider what you get in return.

    - EN pricing
    It just cannot compete with Vision. Verizon is getting ready to release a new EN plan that gives you unlimited EN for $45 when added to a $35+ vocie plan (only for smartphones though). Even at that, when compared to Vision, too expensive and you get less than Vision (speed).

    So those are my likes and dislike about each setup. I made the switch primarily because I thought the 7135 had more features I could take advantage of (SD slot, mp3 player, etc), I do not enter large amounts of data into the Palm while away from my computer during the day (so graffitti would be fine for my purposes), and my web/email useage on any given smarthphone is just not that much (~ 20-25 minutes/day) that Vision's speed (while just amazing) was a real necesity in my book. A 65k wireless connection will work fine for my wireless data needs. I should mention though that I have not yet deactivated my Sprint account and plan on keeping it active (though only through their emergency plan) such that if Sprint offers some device better suited to my needs than the 7135, I can switch back without too much of a hassle (at least I hope so). Hope this has been helpful to anyone considering a move similar to mine.
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    Good post Marty1781. Thanks for the comparison of the two devices and services. I was planning to buy a 7135 when it came out on Sprint, but bought a Treo when Sprint balked at the 7135. I think I'll hang onto the Treo 300 until I see the next version Treo. I like the thumboard and $10 Vision too much to make the switch right now. But I agree with most of your Treo "negatives." I'm hoping the next version addresses these problems while it still has a thumboard and is available with Vision.
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    I also am moving to the 7135.

    Some other comments will be useful

    The Treo 300 keyboard can be very hard to type with. THe shift and funciton keys can be hard to press.

    The 7135 grafitti area is very easy to use. The glass is smooth. I have very little problem entering data.

    The Treo 300 runs on 1900mhz CDMA.

    The 7135 has AMPS, 800 and 1900mhz CDMA. THe 800 CDMA and AMPs have much improved building penetration.

    THe 7135 has a much larger footprint where it will recieve calls.

    The biggest benefit I have found is that Verizon SMS works. IT is so much better than the crippled Sprint Version.

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