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    [Don't know if links to ebay are allowed but this one is too good to let it pass without trying]

    I just discovered a whole bunch of prototypes on ebay. Since I can't afford to buy them all I thought it might be of interrest here. I'm in no way related to the seller - just found the auctions on ebay....

    tetawm | eBay

    Best regards,
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    Hey, while I'm reading this..

    I've got a Palm m105, complete, and it's add-on keyboard.

    I've also got this thing called a .. AlphaSmart Dana. Which is a word processor / USB keyboard device, that also runs PalmOS.

    I'm not too interested in PalmOS, so if anyone wants them, I'd be happy to sell them to you for my cost (not much) plus shipping.
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    I still many of my Palms, a few Zire 71 a couple of 72, a TX, a few LifeDrive (all upgraded to CF drives), which I use one every day as my alarm clock on a Altec Lansing Speaker dock (amazing sound for such a small device).

    I have a lot of the various add-ons too, including a few keyboards.

    They were fantastic devices and I will always love them...

    It took me a few years before I did the jump to WebOs as I resisted change, as the Palms were doing everything I needed at the time.

    I still find that they could do what even new phones can't. So it's sad that they died off.
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    I see a pattern...
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    Sweet! A Tungsten | XX!
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    I still have my Touchpad but had to flip a coin and switch to either iOS or Android after 3 years or so with the original Sprint Pre. Droid won and now I'm happily using the Nexus 5X.

    I did turn my Pre on the other day and after waiting the approximate 5 minute boot up time!, I did thoroughly miss webos so badly and the ease of use.

    I still can't believe the fact that we all ultimately lost and were fed such a bunch of bs by so many executives that webos was here to stay.

    Anyway, I guess in the meantime I'll simply keep the Touchpad as a once a month device and keep my ear ground for hopeful future news.

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