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    One thing: Earlier I mentioned that it's odd that a pincode should probably be required to access the system over USB, but of course, I was forgetting the dev mode passcode. We are routinely advised to skip this option. I did enable it on a phone and have had problems trying to change or remove it. However, is this the answer to the apparent insecurity? Even if devmode is off and devicetool enables it, will a passcode be needed? I guess yes. I'll have to check later.
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    I don't know if this issue still requires a response, but I found this in my search on how to unlock my old Palm Centro, and it may work on the pix as well:

    The Palm Centro has a flaw in the security feature. I discovered its possible to bypass my Palm Centro
    system lockout without
    knowing the password.

    When Palm Cento is in the lockout mode the user has 2 options. The user can
    enter their password to gain access to the phone or they can select "make
    emergency call". If the user selects "make emergency call" they're only
    allowed to call 911 or *2. If the phone is locked out a malicious user can
    select "make emergency call" then dial *2. While the phone is dialing *2 the
    malicious user can quickly press the phone button on the keyboard of the
    Centro which allows the malicious user to view the phone menu. This bypasses
    the sytem lockout feature. The malicious user can then press the Apps.
    button on the keyboard of the phone to gain access to the main menu (they
    can hang up the phone call to *2 by pressing the end button), thus allows
    access to everything on the phone(texting, photos, videos, contacts etc...).
    Theres only 2 options that are not accessible 1. making phones calls 2.
    accessing the security option. Selecting those options will bring you back
    to the lockout screen. This flaw has been tested on several Palm Centro
    phones. Palm hasn't fixed a similar problem with the Treo after being
    notified by Symantec a year ago.

    Hope this helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by creepingmee View Post
    Ok, Well, download webosquickinstall 4.6.0 first and see if it sees the pixi.

    WebOS Quick Install v4.6.0

    If it does, there is a patch available in preware to bypass the pin.
    hi dear i need webOs Doctor for my pixi plus At&t could you provide me the link
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    Go to

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