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    LOVING my T300. But was shocked to find that -- unlike my old 6135 -- the T300 lacks built-in support for voice dialing, which eliminates one of the most powerful no-flip dialing tools (with a headset, that is). Does anyone know of a third-party app that enables this? Is such even possible, given how the phone's audio capabilities work?
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    No and No.
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    no 3rd party apps You're only option is probably getting Sprint's Voice commmand feature for $5/month. They have a 2 month free trial period if you want to check it out. I currently am on the trial period and have had nothing but positive experiences. I've set it as my 2nd speed dial option, which makes it handy to dial, and it works perfectly. It might be worth a try IMO....

    P.S. If you're on a shared plan, Sprint will charge you $5 flat for ALL the phones on your plan which is very nice btw...
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    Have you noticed their Voice activated internet/news features stinks though? I used to use AT&T's service which was based on Tellme network technology and the usability and voice recognition seemed to be head and shoulders above Sprints
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