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    Lately, I've noticed on a few occasions that my Hotsync fails the connection test, and a close look at the hotsync plug into the port at the bottom of my Treo reveals that it is slightly, just very very slightly, tipped to the left. When I carefully adjust the connection so it is exactly on center, and try again, the Hotsyn works without a problem.

    Gently testing the connection, I see that there is a certain "play" or "wiggle" in the connection, and I deduce that the problem is in the port on the Treo, and not in the hotsync plug at the end of the cable, simply because I also Hotsynch with a different cable at my office and notice the same potential to wiggle.

    I find that if I plug into the hotsync port without careful study and thought, the plug tends to tip minutely towards the left as a starting point.

    I can avoid the problem by being very very careful visually while making the connection and in setting the Treo down and avoiding touching it during hotsyncing, but this doesn't seem right. Computer-type connections are supposed to be a perfect fit, only one way, with no room for failure of contacts.

    Short of sending the thing in to Handspring, which I'd rather avoid as I love the operation and quality of this phone in every other way and am dependent upon it, is there anyone else out there experiencing this problem who can provide some insight and/or a simple DIYS fix?


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    It's just a poor design I think.. I've had 2 of these break already.. the plastic parts just came apart from each other..

    i'm sure quite a few other people have had the same problem

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    I've just recently started having this same problem with my 270. It's taking me longer and longer to get a good connection now to synch or just recharge. I swapped cables in my truck in the hopes that one of my 3 charge/synch cables was stronger cause I don't have time to sit and wiggle it when I'm on the go. But if it gets much worse, I'm going to be forced to call Handspring....

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