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    I have my own POP server and I set it up on Eudora and am able to retrieve my mail fine except that the message body dosn't show up. I press retrieve on next download and still nothing. Interestingly, my sprint mail downloads fine but Sprint customer support can't seem to help/dosn't want to help. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I noticed it first time this am albeit I hae not used eudora mail much... However, I retrieved on next check and the entire msg came down. What version of eu-mail are you using?
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    I'm using 2.1 - the free version. Just downloaded SnapperMail demo yesterday and all works fine. I'll probably just stick with Snapper. It costs me more to screw around with Eu 2.1 than to just get something else and neglect my work. Thanks for your response.
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    I have also seen this problem on some messages I get -- usually they're from certain people, which makes me think it might be a header issue. Usually to see the message text I tell it to display the header information.

    To do this, when looking at a message there are three buttons in the upper right corner labelled "h", "H", and "R". I find that usually pressing "H" will solve the issue, but occasionally I have to press "R".

    On a possibly related problem, I've noticed that sometimes Eudora has problems downloading messages that have certain kinds of attachments. In fact, it never gets past the message and always aborts with an Incoming Mail error. Once I delete it from the POP server Eudora retrieves everything else just fine. It might be related to messages which have attachments and exhibit this header issue.

    Anyone else have any experience with this issue?


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