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    After reading this thread:

    It seems that it may be AvantGo and TreoTools not working well together (I had the same type of crashes).

    Any other suggestions? I like what TreoTools does, but I would sooner replace it than Avantgo..
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    You can try Stretch:
    I don't believe that this works with the Treo 300. It should, however, work with the Treo 180/270. In addition, I believe that Stretch does the same thing as TreoTools, so if you're having a problem with TreoTools, I suspect that you'll have a problem with Stretch.
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    Just thought I'd try to give this guy another alternative. It doesn't specify what treos it supports or not. Just giving him another option to test.
    I like your product and thank you for your help earlier and have since purchased it and have been enjoying treotools.


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