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  1.    #1 released new version of polyphonic ringtones for Handspring Treo 300.

    Beatles collection of 35 new polyphonic ringtones have been added.

    Get more inforamtion at
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    I just purchased the ringtones.... I am using the version of Ringo recommended by the readme file from the purchase ringtones....

    I can preview one ringtone fine, but when I preview the next, my Treo 300 resets. It happens everytime... My Treo resets between each one!

    Also, when I try and set the rintone as my ringer I get a message that says "The Ringtone is larger than recommended for the Treo and may cause it to be unstable".... ummm.... so what the point of buying this if its not recommended that we actually use it?

    the ringtones do sound really great when they're working!
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    And since the Treo already has a selectable ringer functionality, why can't someone just make ringtones that the Treo will natively recognize?
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    not sure the answer to the post immediately above, but i had downloaded the original treo 300 set from and when i saw the one about the beatles, i wanted to check it out as well.

    so for anybody who bought the first one, just go back to your email, find the same link that let you buy the original, and just download it again and you will get the old ones (old = 5 days??) and the new beatles ones as well.

    that having been said, i have the same question as the post above... why bother with these whole songs. most start with an intro that you would not hear if it was your phone ringer... and they are too long anyway.

    what we need are song snippets, or refrains, or whatever. i started a thread a couple of days ago to see if someone knew of a ringtone editing program that could let us choose just a short part of a song in the palmgsm package and save it as a different ringtone... so far no response.
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    The problem (verified by electricpocket) is that the MIDI files are too large for the 300. When using Ringo to preview the file, it has to first copy the MIDI clip to the "phone side". If the file it "too large" is kills the phone.

    The tones a represent the first stab at this. Handspring has still not released developers documentation for the phone (I suspect Sprint will claim all rights to this), so it's going to be serious trial and error.

    I applaud Savin ( for at least getting something out that exploits the polyphonic ringer. I'm sure with a little time, we'll get exactly what we're asking for.
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    KKenna, if this were the case, then the phone would crash everytime a large ringtone was previewed..... this is not what happens though.... sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't...
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    i agree and also applaud for at least taking a stab at it, and i am using the tones and think they are fantastic. i'm sure there will be more to discover as we go along...

    i suspect that when they are converting them to palm format to begin with is when they could shorten the tones, but probably its trial and error just to know which parts would work best, and everybody won't be happy with the same part regardless. which is why i think it would be neat if we could do that ourselves.

    by the way, if anybody at is reading this, how about Frank Zappa's "Peaches en Regalia"? seems to me that would make a great ringtone!
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    While I agree that its great to have someone giving it a shot, I think they should put a warning on the site that most (and for me, it seems that I get that "too large" message with most of the tones) are not functional.

    I kinda feel like I was screwed out of my $10.
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    keep in mind that the $10 includes free upgrades, so that as they start getting better at it, you should not have to pay for additional ones that you might find more useful. i already got the new beatles ones, though i took them off the unit for the reasons you cited.

    however, i have had a ball even just playing the songs for my friends, and right now my phone rings with either the 'get smart' theme (how cool is that... he was talking on a shoe phone in the 60's) or the hitchcock theme (which i use for unknown callers, again, how appropriate to use a mystery theme)

    i think it was a great first effort and the fact that you will be able to upgrade it makes it an even better deal.
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    Can I use these ringtones as alarms in DateBk5?
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    Does anyone know how to get the ringers into the phone part? After selecting my personal ringers, only 1 of the ringers shows up and is usable with the phone. Is this due to the large file size?

    Thanks for the help!
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    once you sync the ringtones to your treo, you need to use ringo on each tone to set it as a ringtone. after that you will be able to select them from your ringer prefs list.

    ringo will tell you which ones are too large to use as a ringtone.
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    They all appear to be to large. How about the sync radio options? do thoese help?
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    I found a program called Anvil Studio that I am evaluating that allows you to edit MIDI files. I simply trim them down to the 20 secs or so that I like, then import them into Ringo. Works fine, but again, the only problem is that only 3 of 6 are showing up in the ringer list.
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    Where did you get Anvil?
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    To be honest, I don't remember. Did a Google search for MIDI EDITOR and it came up somewhere. Sorry.

    That being said, it's not the best/easiest editor to work with, so YMMV.
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    anvil is at

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