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    I just bought my Treo 90 yesterday, and so far it is every bit as awesome as I had hoped. One peculiar this has happened though, and I was curious what suggestions (if any) people have. I will email support tommorow and then post what they say if no one has a good idea...

    Basically the battery indicator on my unit appears to be backwards. When I plug it in to charge, it the light goes to solid and says its fully charged. However, as soon as I unplug it, the light starts flashing green and the indicator shows the charging symbol. I plug it back into the charger, and it says it is fine, then if I unplug it, is resumes thinking it is charging. Weird.

    When it says it is charging, the little battery status easter egg thing says it is 100% charged. I tried to reset the charging system (according to a tech doc on the palm site you can do this.) Unfortunately this didn't do anything.

    Any ideas?
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    Likely as not, this is bound to be tech support's recommendation (or one of them).

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