This may seem like an odd thing to want to do, but I'm looking to rollback the OS on my Palm Centro. Why? Well, I want to have my Centro be compatible with the Palm Webcam app. As I'm sure a lot of us have discovered, (the hard way) PalmOS 5 doesn't work with Palm Webcam. If the OS was rolled back to a previous one, it just might work.

(And just to clarify, no, I'm not so desperate for this program to work that I'll sacrifice having PalmOS 5. I have two Centros. My first one has a broken screen and the bottom row of keys stopped working. It's essentially useless to me, which is why I want to use that one as a full-time webcam.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if this works, a solution will be discovered, which is always nice. (Of course, the best solution would be for the developers of Palm Webcam to update the software, but I don't know if that'll ever happen.)