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    Does anyone know if there will be a way to run .prc files on any of the other platforms? I've gotten really attached to certain games.
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    I think you mis-read her intended emphasis in that statement. She means:
    But personally I don't agree with everyone calling the Pixi a 'Centro replacement'.. that's misleading since the two devices have completely unrelated software and hardware. It would be more correct to call it the 'WebOS equivalent to the Centro.' Then again, maybe I'm a tad nit-picky.
    You make an important point. If I bring a broken Centro in for replacement under warranty my carrier may give me a Pixie, but that Pixie will not run all my favorite apps I have on my Centro. (Kind of a moot point though as the Pixie will only be on Sprint for the moment which still has Centro.) My hope is that the Pre app abilities matures quickly and starts being featured on various carriers.
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    That and how to sync Docs To Go? Echo syncs the Pre via wifi (which leaves out the Pixie, alas, idiots, not Chapurra, but Palm) but only for contacts and calender. No word on Docs.

    I expect that you'll have to buy new games via the app store. So what's the point of Classic? How do you install anything to it? Just too many unanswered questions. They made it for Twits, not the rest of us.
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    This Pixi looks tempting enough to replace my Centro
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    You can run StyleTap PalmOS emulator on Windows Mobile phones. That will run .PRC files.
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    OHHHH!!! No chit? Gotta see that.........
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