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    Okay guys and gals, I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to find the posts about connecting your Centro to your notebook (or netbook in this case) to use it as a modem. I know I saw them a long time ago but I can’t seem to find them anymore. I found a blurb on Palm but it said to use *99***1# as the dial string and no user name and password or various other user names and passwords. I also found a post that says you have to use USB modem or PDANet but those posts were old. I tried everything to get it working over Bluetooth and nothing worked. I’m connected via USB cable using PDANet but I don’t want to have to pay 35 bucks for it plus I can’t get the Bluetooth to work. The Bluetooth between the netbook and the phone work because I can pair and have synced via Bluetooth.

    Soooo, my questions are this (and please forgive me if this is a repeat):

    How is everybody doing their tethering (is that what it’s called?) over Bluetooth?
    Is the USB connection significantly fast than a Bluetooth connection?
    Any other recommendations regarding DUN?

    BTW, I’m on a GSM (AT&T) Centro. And just to make it difficult, I’m using Win7.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I can tether with Verizon using PDA Net and either bluetooth or USB. Normally though, I tether using the VZW Acess Manager since I currently have a tethering plan with Vzw. Obviously, the USB will be much faster than bluetooth, but the speeds from bluetooth are acceptable for most websites.
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    PDANet here
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    USBModem works perfect with Bluetooth and USB cable. I use it with both Win7 and Mac OSX.
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    I tether my GSM (AT&T) Centro without using any 3rd Party software. I just followed the instructions on Palm's website.
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    Guidance, please? I want to use my Centro with a new netbook of my wife's. I don't want to be syncing my Palm to her netbook...reading both the PDAnet and USBModem stuff, it seems that's necessary? Or is that just so that I can install the .prc files? Is there a way to install those files and not have to install the Palm desktop and hotsync?
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    OK, couldn't be easier! You can download the Palm software straight up, sync up your Centro (I set mine to NOT sync a darned thing so that the wife's netbook doesn't end up with all my data for no reason), download the software...and it sets itself up and turns itself on! Amazing.
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    Final note: Fantastic! We took a family vaca on a road trip and used the Centro as the modem with very successfully, everywhere. It's neat to pull into a town, pull up, and book your room before you get there! And for tourist stuff, getting all the info...we ordered tix for an attraction, etc. etc. You get the idea. It works. It's not lightening fast, but fast enough. It is...well, not touchy, but finicky at times. I don't know if it would be low signal strength, a tower change, or the just the Centro being weird, but it would occaisionally cut off and you'd have to reset it. No biggie...

    The only weird thing is that while the trial period is 14 days, after 7 it starts giving you imminent dire warnings that your world is about to end...and when you go to register,asks for a serial number without telling you where to find it!
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    PDA Net via USB here.
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    USB Modem over bluetooth on a sprint centro.

    Just using the trial version and deleting and redownloading from email whenever I need it.
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    We just bought a new netbook for my wife. I installed PDANet on her Centro and connect via bluetooth. It works great, and is super easy to connect. She loves it.
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    You know, I hadn't thought about the BT connection. I drug my cord around and have a note to never forget it. I should play with the BT and see how that works.

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