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    Totally baffled and confused now. I've discovered that some photos are found and viewable by the built in Palm Pics/Videos program, while others are found and viewable in DocsToGo....there are clearly some in DocsToGo that do not show up in Pics/Videos, even tho' I don't recall every putting them in via DTG. In fact, when I open the desktop DTG, there are no photos listed, only when in the Palm.

    Trying to locate and organize pics so that I can encrypt folders, but I'm finding them as if they were just laying all over the floor, down the's crazy. Anyone else sort this out?
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    Pics and Videos looks in the /DCIM/ folder and its subfolders of the memory card. I think Docs to Go can "see" pictures in any folder of the card.
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    Hmmm. Interesting clue. Thanks, we'll see if that leads somewhere.
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    Thank you Tom. You gave me the clue. Grabbed Filez in order to see just where the heck everything is/was...and sure enough, the pix were mostly NOT in the DCIM folder for some reason. Weird.

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