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    OK, puzzled. I took (and yes,SAVED!) several pix on a trip recently...and most of them are not here. A couple are, but they don't seem to exist now, either on the card or the Palm. When shooting, I just hit the save button and keep going. Any ideas?
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    If you pick the "all pictures and video" option and don't see them, I think you are out of luck.

    When you go into the camera app, what is the default location? Did you change it when you took the photos?
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    Yeah, I'm obviously screwed. They default to the Palm internal, just synched up hoping they might magically appear. Ha. But it's a bit disconcerting to Save them and they don't save....
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    If you go into the menu of the camera, there is an option to save them to your card. Also, when looking at the Photos/Videos, make sure you try both the internal and the card icon in the upper right corner.
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    Found 'em! Stupid card. Either won't stay in or won't stay out. It had stayed in for a couple weeks, thot I'd solved the problem. Doing something else, I realized that it wasn't reading the card. And there were my missing pix.

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